Modular Diode Drivers

Allison Industries modular design diode drivers can be custom configured to meet a wide range of diode drive requirements.   Low or high compliance voltages,  one ampere to hundreds of amps,  low or high average power and all with flexible  packaging options.

modular diode diagram

Multi-channeled diode drivers can be configured to drive multi-pump cavity laser systems.  Each channel can be synchronized to the others in both timing and/or power.

A range of pulse timing generators is also available.   The economical RC timed pulse timing generators can provide microsecond to millisecond pulse widths for applications that do not require tight timing constraints and will only be front panel controlled.   A very flexible microprocessor timed pulse timing generator provides for a mid range solution for applications that will require computer and/or remotely controlled functionality.  At the top end, is an FPGA timed pulse timing generator that provides timing resolution and accuracies of one hundred nanoseconds with pulse widths from 200nSec to mSec that is capable of being computer controlled, remotely controlled or front panel controlled