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Laser & Optical Programs Worked by Jimmie Allison


SUMMARY: Mr. Allison has thirty five years of electrical engineering experience.  Work has included DOD strategic missile programs, DOJ non lethal laser programs and military R&D laser programs to include various airborne laser programs.  10+ years includes many programs associated with the United States Air Forces AFRL/DEL Laser programs.  Experience includes leading small engineering teams responsible for the design and development of embedded laser control systems, high current pulse power laser diode drivers, high power CW laser power supplies, PWM power converters and amplifiers for laser system support, Single and three phase power distribution systems including design for 400Hz aircraft power and high power autonomous thermal management systems.

  • As a Research Engineer for Vista Photonics Inc., he was responsible for the design, development and production of supporting instrumentation electronics for trace gas detection instruments utilizing both spectral absorption and photo acoustic technologies for NASA, DOE, DOA and DOD. Embedded control systems design included autonomous thermal control subsystems, power supply and power distribution subsystems, active band pass filter sections, autonomous pressure control subsystems covering pressures from 20 TORR to atmospheric with fractional TORR precisions and autonomous temperature control subsystems requiring stabilities of thousandths of a degree.  He completed both the hardware designs and all software developments for the autonomous pressure and temperature control subsystems.   Links to NASA’s ISS program:

Multi-Gas Monitor  / Optical Life Gas Analyzer, OLGA

  • As an employee of Boeing LTS filling the Senior Electrical Engineer of the AFRL/DELS/ScorpWorks group, he directly supported the AFRL/DELS laser based programs where he was the electrical/electronics lead responsible for the design, development and 1st article production of equipment for the front line “War Fighters”.  Some of the more relevant programs worked are:

Seek Smoke  ANDE  ACCM  LED Beacon  PHaSR

  •  As Senior Electrical Engineer for Decade Optical Systems, he lead small electrical/electronics design team that directly supported several laser programs for the AFRL/LADI and AFRL/DELS branches as well various DOD related agencies and NASA. As the electrical team lead he was responsible for the design, development and production of laser systems for the various programs for Decade Optical Systems.  Some of the more relevant programs worked are:

Commercial Green     HCSSL    SSL    NASA Green

GLINT    BAE Diode Driver